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BUSCEMI Sneakers On Sale Now – Up to 70% Off

BUSCEMI Sneakers On Sale Now – Up to 70% Off

BUSCEMI Sneakers Are On Sale Now.

BUSCEMI Sale – Up to 70% Off.

The sale gets you a discount of 50% – 70% off the price of a pair of cool BUSCEMI sneakers.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are ace, top-of-the-line sneakers representing the integrity and passion for street style of Mr. Jon Buscemi.

The BUSCEMI store is a verified retailer of authentic BUSCEMI sneakers. Buy from our store and receive our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Check out our 100mm High Tops. These BUSCEMI Sneakers are on sale in both Clean Nubuck and 100% leather. We also have high-top trainers and mid-top trainers on sale. My eye is sticking to the high-top graffiti sneakers in red. There’s a huge discount on these – they’re down from nearly $1K in price to just over USD$300.

The Limited Run Camo High-top Trainers Sneakers are about the same price. It’s sneakers like these that reinforce BUSCEMI’s reputation for style and self- expression.

The Buscem Men padlock leather high-top trainers are on sale in either black or white. The gold-toned hardware and key hanging tab at the side are BUSCEMI trademarks, as are the luxurious quality and unique craftsmanship.


UNO low lace-up sneakers are on sale

In black and white. These sneakers feature more BUSCEMI hallmarks, such as edges that are hand-painted and gold alloy heel hardware and grommets. These are ever-popular, classic sneakers that will last a lifetime. The EVA soles are a super-cool BUSCEMI specialty.

The Oceano pull-on Soho boot is on sale in red and blue Nubuck. This no-lace, pull on boot is made from easy-wearing Nubuck. Pull these 100mm boots on with the heel pull at the back. We know a top-notch DJ who wears these boots.

Take a look at the BUSCEMI 100mm Black Croc Sneakers. These high-top sneakers have it all – the embossed BUSCEMI Logo, the extra-large heel handle, the belt-closure around the ankle, the gold-plated hardware and lock. These high-tops could be called an exclusive BUSCEMI status symbol.

BUSCEMI Sneakers are coveted for their “innovation, quality and scarcity” to quote Jon BUSCEMI himself.

We know you won’t leave our store without making a purchase. If you haven’t made a decision yet, you need to check out the King Sneaker – the BUSCEMI 100mm Chester Foil/ Gold. Along with the characteristic heel handle, Jon BUSCEMI has added a 3-piece closure and lock around the ankle. All hardware is gold-plated.

BUSCEMI puts high-end design genius into all his sneakers. Buy them now at our store which is an authentic BUSCEMI outlet.


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