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Dreaming of Balenciaga Sneakers

Dreaming of Balenciaga Sneakers

As for the Balenciaga sneakers which style is your favorite?

Today´s inspiration post is about a particular brand which is Balenciaga. Balenciaga is now one of my favorite brands in the entire world and I love all their shoes and accessories. This time I want to talk you about Balenciaga sneakers because they´re really in trend at the moment and every girl has a pair of Balenciagas sneakers.

The two styles I love the most are the Balenciaga Triple S and the Balenciaga Speed. The Speeds have a really cool design because they look like a pair of socks and every single brand has their own dupe of these sneakers. I think they look really cool and they´re super comfy!

The Triple S style has a thicker sole and they´re newer. It´s easy to find dupes of the Triple S sneakers in the Balenciaga Sneakers sale online store and I´m in love with them

Balenciagas sneakers
Balenciagas sneakers

Balenciaga Shoes are one of the most important parts of the outfit. Not only because they look great and can greatly complement the other clothes you wear, but also because they influence the way you walk and your overall posture.

Balenciaga is a design company, founded by Spanish designer in France. Apparently, this mix of cultures created some incredible ideas that have influenced some of the most important designers, like Dior. One of the most popular parts of Balenciaga clothes right now is Balenciaga shoes. Most of them are a combination of sporting gear and sleek modern design.


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